County and/or Community Integration Coordinator™ (CIC) March 2022

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The ETS-SP supports service member + sponsor pairs that are in turn supported by designated Community Integration Coordinators™ (CIC). The CIC has "boots-on-the-ground" knowledge to partner with local best-of-practice Veteran support organizations to form community collaboratives. The CIC is also partnered with local government and participates in the national ETS-SP network. These organizations and their partners are connected through the ETS-SP dashboards. The dashboards bring the service member + sponsor together digitally as they are initially separated by great distance. This cohesion across Federal, State, and local level in support of communities and the service member + sponsor pair is the foundation of the Program.


  • Enrollment Profile
  • The enrollment process begins with Service Member consent and participation - the more information that is provided, the better the intake. Service Members are asked to be thorough, so that Sponsor matching can be best achieved. Service Members identify their destination communities.
  • Sponsor Registration
  • Sponsors also register. Potential Sponsors are screened and assigned to a training cohort. All Sponsors must complete a VA certified training program before they are paired with a Service Member. Sponsors are successful citizens, Veteran and non-Veteran alike, living in the destination communities identified by the Service Members. Sponsors are interested in their communities and its future citizens.
  • Transition Coordinator Home
  • The Transition Coordinator is the first contact with the Service Member after they have registered to participate in the ETS Sponsorship Program. Today, Transition Coordinators are members of the national team. As the Program expands, Transition Coordinators will be drawn from the States to which the service member is destined.
  • ETS-SP Dashboard Pricing Guide
  • The ETS Sponsorship Program dashboards are sold as a set and include everything shown above. Subscription sets are offered at $1/day for each participating TSMV in increments of 50 and for a period of a year. To date, funding for CIC dashboard subscriptions has come from local governments, Veteran Service Organizations (VSOs), healthcare providers, and individual patrons. The ETS-SP national team can and will support CIC fundraising efforts.

Core Documents

CIC Certification training is provided by America's Warrior Partnership with the support of the ETS Sponsorship Program and is officially recognized by the Veterans Health Administration (VHA). CIC training and certification is offered by invitation only. Certification must be completed before a partnership and MoA is offered to the CIC by the VHA or VISN (as a function of location).

Community Integration Training Overview

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