The ETS Sponsorship Program, a non-profit organization actively partnering with the Veterans Administration (VA), the Department of Defense (DoD), and local communities, supports service members through the transition process from military to civilian life.

Who We Are and What We Do

The ETS Sponsorship Program® operates exclusively to promote social welfare for transitioning service members, Veterans, and the communities where they live. We are federally registered with the IRS as a 501(c)(4) tax-exempt social welfare organization. We are not organized for profit, nor are we a charity. The information we provide is done only with the consent of our individual members. We do not sell ads and we don't send junk mail.

We accomplish our mission by partnering with local experts, local government, and certified partners. Our sponsors all complete a VA-certified sponsor training course. Our Community Integration Coordinators® are all validated as best-in-class, trusted, and capable partners in their local region. Our national network, working with the Department of Defense, the Department of Veterans Affairs, and the Department of Labor, brings a team together in one common mission: to securely provide the information and relationships needed to help every transitioning service member successfully make the journey out of the military and into civilian life. 

Leaving the military should be an exciting opportunity for the service member who is opening the door to the next chapter of life. Yet, often, the stresses associated with walking through this door are challenging. Our program ensures that the service member - and the family - get ahead of the potential stresses by facilitating support with the Services well before the official Transition Assistance Programs begin. 

DOD Skillbridge

The ETS Sponsorship Program is a DoD SkillBridge Partner. Internship opportunities are available nationally in conjunction with Veterans Onward.

Bridge to Civilian Life


The ETS Sponsorship Program assists service members in transition by providing instrumental, informational, and emotional support.

A controlled research project has determined that the support provided by the ETS Sponsorship Program effectively mitigates stressors and enhances the reintegration process for the transitioning service member.

  • Approximately 200,000 service members transition to civilian communities annually, including 80,000 from the Army.
  • Studies indicate that 44% to 72% experience high levels of stress during transition from military to civilian life.
  • There are approximately 45,000 non-profit organizations registered with the IRS to support Veterans and their Families.

There is no process in place currently that seamlessly reintegrates the service member into the civilian community. There is no connection between the myriad of programs available and the Veteran who needs them. The ETS Sponsorship Program works closely with its partners in an attempt to fill this void.

The ETS Sponsorship Program connects the service member to the relevant and applicable programs and organizations that are available. Through personal relationships formed with the service member and family, our program, working closely with the VA and community partners, will make a difference in the reintegration of service members and their families.

Military Service Members and Civilians Working Hand in Hand


The ETS Sponsorship Program assists service members in transition to civilian life and the post-military community of their choice. Coordinating the services of the VA, private and nonprofit organizations and local government, we connect transitioning service members with local sponsors. Sponsors are trained and certified to build relationships and resiliency. The goal is to set conditions for service members and sponsors to achieve purpose and prosperity, reduce stress and risk, and engage together for continued service to the Nation. 

What areas does a sponsor assist with ? 

  • Employment
  • Education
  • Housing
  • Legal concerns
  • Service benefits
  • Medical and mental health care issues

The ETS Sponsorship Program has developed and deployed a new standard in service member transition that is expanding across the nation. 

Lifting Up Transitioning Service Members


The ETS Sponsorship Program will be introduced to the service member when they participate in the Transition Assistance Program at the service member’s final duty station. The service member will have the opportunity to request a sponsor from the city they will be moving. The process will be coordinated with partners in specific cities, such as Syracuse University Institute for Veterans & Military Families and America's Warrior Partnership.

Service member: Once a sponsor is requested, the connection will be made to the ETS Sponsorship Program. Using the address they will relocate to, the service member will be connected to an ETS Sponsorship Program trained sponsor. Should there not be a sponsor available in the city the service member will soon call home, we will do our best to find partners available to assist the Soldier. 

Sponsor: When an individual, military or civilian, volunteers to be an ETS Sponsor, they will undergo training and, upon graduation, they will be certified as an ETS Sponsor.

The sponsor receives the name and contact information of the new service member from ETS Sponsorship. The Sponsor initiates contact with the service member and the relationship forms. The Sponsor will share information with the service member about resources – to include benefits and other opportunities. The sponsor will stay connected and continue to support the service member throughout the transition process until the service member is successfully transitioned to their post-military home.

Effective execution of the ETS Sponsorship Program is dependent upon the relationship between the transitioning service member and the trained sponsor.

Building the Foundation for Sustainable Military Transition Support


The ETS Sponsorship Program has been implemented for transitioning Soldiers across the country.  We currently have local partners in 9 states, with many more coming in the near future.  Those service members relocating outside of our 9 partnered states will be supported by our ETS National team.  Either way, they get our full support.  The Program is currently available to and enrolling service members from all branches.  

The ETS Sponsorship Program and VA management team relies on a growing roster of Sponsors and Veteran Service Organizations to scale the program nationally.  We appreciate the outpouring of support we receive from top tier Veteran Service Organizations, both national and local, that answer the call when we need Sponsors.

At the individual level, the Sponsor relationship is a personal and community anchor. Our goal is that our current transitioning Soldiers will serve as Sponsors for future generations of transitioning Service Members.

Capitol Building in Washington D.C.


The ETS Sponsorship Program (ETS-SP) is led by the national team in Washington, D.C. and coordinates with the Department of Defense, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), the Department of Labor, and the Veterans Integrated Service Network (VISN). The ETS-SP engages state and county governments to insure the chain-of-government has the opportunity to lead the service-to-Veteran transition experience at the local level. ETS Sponsorship Program pilots are being launched across the country.

The ETS Sponsorship Program Certificate of Incorporation
IRS License Number: #C4-4014838 Rank: 501c4

The ETS-SP Executive Council and the Advisory Board includes Veterans from all the Services with collective experience at all ranks and all levels of command.