{script_extra} ETS - Our Values & Operating Principles

Our Values

Integrity –We pledge to adhere to the highest moral standards as we undertake our responsibility to serve our Veterans as they have served us. We pledge accountability to our Veterans and partners; we pledge transparency in all actions.
Empowerment - We trust communities, counties, and states to best integrate transitioning Veterans into their unique social fabric. We will arm our partners with the appropriate tools and resources to support this effort and create an environment that allows the Veteran and Family to thrive.

Compassion – We sincerely appreciate our Veterans and their Families for the sacrifices they have made for our Country. They have endured countless hardships that few of us will ever understand. We cannot repay them; but, we can care. We can be with them. We can make sure they realize what they mean to us.
Community -  We will only be successful with the support of our Military, our Veteran, and our local communities. Our mission is to unite and organize these efforts as we support our Veterans during their transition.
Good stewardship - We will protect the investments of time, energy, and material support shared with us by our many partners and participants. Our practices of good stewardship will ensure that we maximize our abilities to support our Veterans.

Our Operating Purpose

We will strive to reach and support all Veterans as they transition from military service and return to our broader society. Our Veterans and their Families are our family. We will treat them that way. Always.